Maryangel Garcia

Born in Caracas in 1974, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, with a major in Painting. She graduated in 2005 at the University of Advanced Studies in Plastic Arts Armando Reveron in Caracas. She has participated in many group exhibits in Venezuela, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Brazil and her work has received several awards and recognitions. Her elaborative paintings, drawings and sculptures are composed of fabrics, embroidery, collected objects, stamps and contextual statements. Inspired by the so-called“gender art”, Garcia introduces a complex vision of what it means to be a woman, and expands common definitions of human relationship and sexuality in the present world. Mixing techniques that are ancestrally related to women and the influence of popular culture, she creates a coded narrative of personal and collective experiences, playfully confronting sacred and banal.  Currently lives and works in Paris.

Torna in alto